Zacharyz06's design for Zachstar Runner

This is Zachstar Runner. He, like Homestar Runner, is a terrific athlete!

Zacharyz06 Fanon Edit

Age: Edit


Gender: Edit


Look: Edit

  • Green shirt and hat
  • Orange shoes
  • Propeller hat, like Homestar Runner
  • An underbite
  • Homestar's star shirt

Abilities: Edit

  • None

Weaknesses: Edit

  • None

Likes: Edit

  • Being able to see Strong Bad answer an e-mail
  • Helping Homestar with his problems (Such as when he became really sad (Zachstar tried to make him happy again, it worked))

Dislikes: Edit

  • None

Friends: Edit

  • Everybody! Everybody!

Foes: Edit

  • No one

Nickname: Edit


Catchphrase: Edit


Variations: Edit

The Zachstar Runner (Old-Timey)

3-Up (20X6)


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