"Width times height" is the formula for finding the area of a rectangle. In The Homestar Runner Show, however, the phrase also seems to have a different meaning, especially among the Runner Siblings.

Appearances Edit

  • Email little questions - The only canon appearance of the phrase. Part of Strong Bad's reply to the email is "I think I has the solution: width times height."
  • Email just wandering - Homestripe says "I think I has the solution: width times height" in reply to Annika's email.
  • Email color detectors - After Homestripe suggests ways to temporarily restore Pandora's color vision, Weena says, "Maybe we should try width times height."
  • Email slapstar - Slapstar tells Homestripe, Slipstar, and Weena that she will find them "even if I have to use width times height!"
  • Email stinko trek - After Strong Bad asks Homestripe if there's a plan he hasn't used to catch Coach Pi, Homestripe says, "I've tried everything but width times height!" Later in the email, Skipstar asks Homestripe, "Have you tried width times height?"
  • Width Times Height - Strong Sad investigates the phrase in a similar manner to DNA Evidence.

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