The Virus created different variations of the characters in virus 2. Here is what happened to the characters.




Coaches C and D

Virus 2 Coaches C and D

Coaches C and D get literally joined at the hip, and remain like this after the Zappy explodes, ending the other effects of The Virus. The way they are stuck together is a reference to CatDog.

Virus 2 Homestar

Virus 2 Homestar Runner

His duckie shirt returns, and his hat is green and yellow instead of blue and red. His shoes are green.

Virus 2 Strong Sad

Virus 2 Strong Sad

His head, voice, and personality are those of Saddy Dumpington.


Virus 2 Homsar

His shirt is a lighter shade of blue, his hat is brown with a red stripe, and "rasmoh" (which is "Homsar" spelled backwards) is written on his shirt instead of "homsar".


Virus 2 The Cheat

His color changes every 4 frames and he regularly speaks English.