"Time is... Wonderful, in a glorious sense... Where were my spectacles, Adam?!"

  • Age: 354
  • Related to: Homestar Runner, Zachstar Runner, Homesar, Homsar, Timsar
  • Friends: Emmie, Pom Pom, Homestar, Homesar, Homsar, Adam Teriss (Companion)
  • Species: Gallifreyan/Runner Hybrid, has 2 hearts.
  • Personality: Smart, Egotistical, Judgmental, often grouchy, Voracious
  • Favourite food: Jelly Babies, Tea & Jam
  • Likes: His TARDIS, Food (Quite a LOT), His Spectacles, Homsar's Gibberish
  • Languages Spoken: Homsarian (Homsar's Gibberish), Hylian, Russian, German, English, with a slight Benedict Cumberbatch-y tone, he is a tenor.
  • Impediments: Near-Sightedness, OCD
  • Other things: He has a record of over 21,839,028 David Bowie records, some of which from the future... *DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!*, He LOVES Bowties, Stretching
  • Hates: Yoga (Ironic, huh?), History Textbooks (For a Timerunner, a "Gallifreyan/Runner Hybrid", I think they'd find those textbooks inaccurate...), the fact that he can't find his spectacles too often, etc.
  • Romantic Interests: Sunny (Secretly, albeit never mentioned, and I didn't mean to sound awkward/creepy there, but OHHHH, well...)
  • Variations: T. Zkibber (90's variant); Taikiri (20X6 Variant)

So, that's just about it!!