That clover he's holding is actually his time machine.

Strong Bad Email #213

Homestripe time travels.


(Strong Bad sits at the Zappy XT6.)

STRONG BAD (singing): Email, email, it's a Strong Bad Email, email, E-M-A-I-L!

Dear Strong Bad,
You should get Bubs to build a time machine for Homestripe so he can travel into the future.
Pittsburgh, PA

(Strong Bad reads "PA" as "Pony Accessories.")

STRONG BAD (clears the screen): Well, did you know that Bubs built a time machine for Homestripe before I received this email? Homestripe used it to travel to 802,701! I have no idea when he's coming back, however.

(Cut to Homestripe in 802,701. He's holding what appears to be a clover with a speck on it. That's his time machine.)

HOMESTRIPE: Hello? Weena? Anybody anybody?

(The Paper comes down.)

HOMESTRIPE: The Paper? How did you get here? Can you help me find Weena?

Easter EggsEdit

Click on Homestripe's time machine to see The Paper give Homestripe directions.

(The Paper goes back up and comes back down with the words "Just follow the arrow." above an arrow made from hyphens and a less-than sign.)
Then click on Homestripe's fanny pack to see what's going on back in Homestripe's home time.
STRONG BAD: So, Bubs, do you have any idea when he's coming back?
BUBS: He said he'd be back in time for The Cheat's costume party today.
STRONG BAD: Wait, that's today?
Clicking on Strong Bad's diamond after that will direct you to More Locks, Please!

Fun FactsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • This and homesar are the only sbemails to have a completed Flash file (though the Flash file for More Locks, Please! is not completed).
  • Homeschool Winner helped build Homestripe's time machine, as revealed in the commentary for this email.

Remarks Edit

  • It is unknown how The Paper got to 802,701 without a time machine.

Inside References Edit

  • Homestripe references the Intro.
  • This email comes directly after a Homestripe Runner email where Homestripe was asked what time he would go to if he had a time machine.

Real-World References Edit

  • The entire email references The Time Machine, and it also begins an entire crossover with it that lasts the entire rest of The Homestar Runner Show.
  • Homestripe's time machine looks like the clover from Horton Hears a Who!
  • The music that plays during the 802,701 scene is from the Flash game Hamster Ball. Strong Bad also sings the intro song of this sbemail to the tune of the same music.

Commentary Edit

Coming Soon!