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Basic InformationEdit

The Hurricane is an abandoned character who was designed as an early attempt to bring a new female character into the Homestar Runner universe. She is described by the narrator in "Why Come Only One Girl?" as a "corn-dog-cotton-candy-looking lady". She also appears to have feet which bear a resemblance to Strong Sad's soolnds, albeit yellow and with only a single toe.

The Hurricane was put into Flash and prepped for animation, but at that point, the Legend of Zelda game The Wind Waker was released and the Brothers Chaps opted to play the game rather than animate her. Nothing is known about her personality, but she responded to Strong Bad's hypothetical advances by slapping him in the face, and one of her sketches suggests she enjoys playing guitar. The Hurricane was last seen as a silhouette in "A Decemberween Mackerel", and it seems unlikely that she will ever become a full-fledged member of the cast.

General FanonEdit

  • The Hurricane's name is often given the "integral article" treatment. In other words, much like The Cheat, her name is always spoken as "The Hurricane", even when it makes no grammatical sense (eg. someone greeting her by saying, "Hey, The Hurricane".)
  • The Hurricane is also generally regarded as something of a snob by many fanfiction writers, most likely due to her indifferent expression and posture.

MrMenCentral FanonEdit

She has no hr fanon so far. She hasn't appeared yet!