In the canon of Homestar Runner, The Cheat only speaks English in his cartoons, where he voices the characters. In MrMenCentral's Homestar fanon, however, The Cheat sometimes speaks English outside of his cartoons.


  • Email coloring - In the only canon appearance of this running gag (outside of Powered by The Cheat), The Cheat says, "Okay."
  • Where's Coach Pi? - The Cheat was originally supposed to have many lines in English throughout the toon. But the toon is unfinished and his English lines are never heard.
  • Email shirt - The Cheat says, "They spell Pandora!" and "There's four of them!"
  • Email virus 2 - The Virus causes The Cheat to speak English throughout the email.
  • Cheato Bandito - The Cheat's Folk Tale World persona, the Cheato Bandito, speaks English as well as Spanish and The Cheat.

Other non-English-speaking characters speaking EnglishEdit

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The Cheat speaking other languagesEdit