Strong Rad Strong Rad

Age 12
Alias Rad
Romantic Interests None, although he might have some interest for Sunny
Gender Male
  • White and Periwinkle Cap
  • Light Blue shirt
  • Has a good amount of strength (duh)
  • Dancing
  • Can climb a tree within one minute (really dumb, i know)
  • Can rhyme
  • Can play the Tuba (which is one of his biggest secrets. He doesnt want it getting out because he is afraid people will think of him differently)
  • Doesnt have many manners
  • Has a short temper
  • Isnt good at winning verbal fights
  • Isnt that fast
  • Can be Naive at times
  • Paranoia (can get paranoid)
  • Being cooool!
  • Chillin
  • Peace and Quiet
  • His friends
  • Dancing
  • Talkin' slang
  • Hip-Hop
  • Being tall for his age
  • Coach Z
  • Too much noise
  • Being made fun of
  • The fact that someone could find out that he plays the tuba >.>
  • Coach Z
  • Bubs (Rad is sorta afraid of him)
  • Homsar (Rad thinks Homsar is annoying :O)
Other VariationsSk8r Boi (20X6)

Strong Rad is the cousin of Strong Bad, Strong Sad, and Strong Mad. He is also the brother of Strong Glad. Strong Rad is 12 years old (woot!).

Physical Appearance Edit

Strong Rad wears a baggy, torn, light blue shirt, and white pants (well, waist-down, he looks like Homestar, and its sorta hard to tell if Homestar actaully wears pants :S)

moar later

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