The ramblin' wreck of email check!

This page is for Strong Bad from ANY person's continuity.

Basic InfomationEdit


Strong Bad gets the jibblies.

Strong Bad is the middle child of The Brothers Strong.

He loves to cheat and play video games. He also sits at his computer to check his emails, he usually gets emails asking how he types with boxing gloves on, which annoy him, so he deletes them.

TwiceStyle FanonEdit

The black areas on his mask are shaped differently.

He is 34.

He claims that checking emails is a sport.

MrMenCentral FanonEdit

  • In sbemail 205.5, the Compé, his current computer (as of sbemail 205) in the canon of Homestar Runner, started malfunctioning (when he typed DELETED!, the email got saved, and he had to type SAVED! to delete the email.) So the Compé got replaced with a new computer, the Zappy XT6 (which was seen briefly in the bonus sbemail Accent). Strong Bad has also made a fourth Dangeresque movie and a sequel to his rock opera. By the time Strong Bad made his second rock opera (which is simply titled "SBEMAIL 2!"), he had a new computer: the Tition, made by Compy. It has the word Compy on the bottom left corner and the word Tition on the bottom right corner. It is a pun on the word "competition."
  • His Folk Tale World persona is named Senor Muybueno, and sounds like Wakko Warner from Animaniacs. (What is it with hr and Animaniacs?) Senor Muybueno is usually seen with the Cheato Bandito, who is The Cheat's Folk Tale World persona.
  • He has another show where he butchers books in a manner similar to kids' book and The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden.