Dorky is a weird girl who moved into Free Country USA.

Age 26-29
Relatives Unknown
Romantic Interests She has a crush on Strong Bad.
Gender Female
  • Purple Skin
  • Rainbow hair.
  • Circular head.
  • Same bodyshape and Homestar and Homsar.
  • Four-fingered arms(sometimes, but usually she's armless)
  • Clown-like red nose.
  • Two bug hair clips in her hair.
  • Green dress with a white and lime green target.
  • Grey and red swirled socks.
  • Lavender pants(whenever she wears her elephant shirt)
  • An indigo shirt with a picture of an elephant and it says "r Awesome" under the elephant picture. (sometimes in place of a dress
  • Can jump super high.
  • Can do somersaults.
  • She isn't very fast.
  • She is very clumsy.
  • She can be tricked into doing almost anything, especially if it has to do with the zoo.
  • Zoo animals! Especially elephants!
  • People being happy.
  • Being bored.
  • Being lonely.
  • The Cheat
  • Strong Mad
  • Strong Bad(sometimes)
  • Homestar Runner
  • Strong Sad(sometimes)
  • Homsar
  • Bubs

All of the main canon characters (sometimes)

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