Strong Bad Email #207

Strong Bad is asked to put on a shirt, but takes the email in a different direction instead.


STRONG BAD (singing): Email is not dead, I'm so glad email is not dead.

Dear Strong Bad,
carpfully, not fhqwhgads

(Strong Bad imitates Strong Mad when he reads "PUT ON A SHIRT!!!" and reads "carpfully" as "Carpfully?")

STRONG BAD: Well, if you're not Fhqwhgads, what can I call you? Dan? Dennis? Pandora?

(Strong Bad clears the screen.)

STRONG BAD: What do you mean, put on a shirt? I've been seen with a shirt on from time to time! However, you did think up a good prank for me!

(Strong Bad leaves. Cut to Homestar Runner standing in the field.)

HOMESTAR: Well, I think you need to get some more of those blue drinks.

(Strong Bad enters from the right.)

STRONG BAD: Who are you talking to?

HOMESTAR: Oh, just this invis-able little guy. I'm trying to get him to be vis-able.

(The DELETED buzzer sounds and Homestar's shirt poofs away. Cut to The Stick. Coaches P, A, N, D, O, R, and V are standing in that order from left to right. Coach V's emblem is upside-down for some reason.)

STRONG BAD: All right, The Cheat. What do you see here?

THE CHEAT: They spell Pandora!

STRONG BAD: Besides that. What else?

THE CHEAT: There's four of them!

STRONG BAD: Oh, there's four of them! Well, there's one of me. A-deleted.

(The DELETED buzzer sounds again and the shirts of Coaches A, O, R, and V poof away. Cut back to the Zappy.)

STRONG BAD: Now, you'll notice I didn't do anything to Coach Pi. But that's because I'm leaving that job to Homestripe.

(The Paper comes down.)

THE PAPER: Click here to email Strong Bad!!

Fun Facts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed in this email that most (if not all) of the characters wear swimsuits under their normal clothes.
  • The Cheat speaks English in this email.

Inside References Edit

  • Homestar mentioning someone being "invis-able" is a reference to the sbemail invisibility.
  • During the scene with the Coaches, Strong Bad references the sbemail sisters.
  • The names Strong Bad thinks might be the name of the sender are Dan, Dennis, and Pandora.
  • Strong Bad's intro song is a reference to The Cheat is Not Dead.

Real-World ReferencesEdit