One day Mr. Happy and Homestar Runner and Strong Bad and The Cheat and Pom Pom and Marzipan and Bubs and The Poopsmith were walking.

"Scram, new guy!" said Oscar the Grouch.

But Mr. Happy told him that he is Mr. Happy.

Then Elmo called for everyone.

"Meet Mr. Happy!"

"I'm Grover. it is nice to meet you!" replied Grover.

Then Mr. Happy got introduced to Sesame Street.

While Mr. Messy and Little Miss Whoops were lurking about, they went to Sesame Street.

They saw a movie poster that read "Movie in Toontown. Come to see "The Palisades Muppets" at Squidward's home."

Then Kermit saw someone named Mr. Tickle across Sesame Street.

Then Big Bird ruffled his feathers when he met Mr. Noisy, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Tickle, and the rest of the Mr. Men.

A Fraggle met Mr. Sneeze when he sneezed on the yellow fraggle.

"Bless you, Sonic!" shouted Red.

Mr. Sneeze was angry. He did'nt like that a bit!