Strong Bad's computer starts malfunctioning, so he goes to get the new Zappy XT6. Meanwhile, Homestar checks an email, and helps Strong Bad take out the trash.


STRONG BAD: Hmmm... I should probably check my email.

Dear Strong Bad,
How do you type with gloves on your hands?

STRONG BAD: Oh, I know just what to do with you. DELETED!




STRONG BAD: Well, I think I have an idea. SAVED!


(Another email pops up, but Strong Bad doesn't read it.)

STRONG BAD: I should probably go to Bubs's and get that Zappy XT6. I mean, I know I haven't lost my accent since bonus sbemail 5, but I still think that Zappy is cool. (leaves)

(Homestar enters)

HOMESTAR: That TV has words on it. (sits down and reads the email)

Dear Strong Bad,
What was the coolest explosion you ever saw?

(After reading Strong Bad's name, Homestar says, "I mean, Homestar" and replaces "Strong Bad" with "Homestar".)

HOMESTAR: PB? Peanut butter? Problem Brian? Pandora Boxface? Ah, that's it. Pandora Boxface. (clears the screen) Well, Pandy, the coolest explosions I've ever seen have come from Strong Bad's very own computers. (types "dooj.exe" and leaves the room)

5 minutes later...

STRONG BAD: I never thought I'd say this, Homestar, but thanks for taking out the trash for me.

HOMESTAR: No problem.

(The Paper comes down.)

THE PAPER: Click here to email Strong Bad!!

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