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Pandora Runner

She's a trained professional. At least, she thinks she is.

This article is about the character. For the running gag, see Pandora.

Pandora Runner is Homesar's younger sister who thinks she's a trained professional. She is a member of Homestripe's detective agency and was mainly inspired by Miss Whoops from The Mr. Men Show.

About herEdit

Full Name

Pandora Runner
Age Unknown

Homestar (cousin), Homstar (cousin), Homeschool (cousin), Homsar (cousin), Preshy and Rafferdy (cousins), Champeen (cousin), Homestripe (cousin), Homesar (brother), Homescore (cousin), the Twins (cousins)

Romantic Interests Unknown
Gender Female
  • She looks like Fhqwhgads with blue hair.
  • Blue shirt with white star
  • Blue pants
  • Pink hair ribbon
  • Orange glasses with light blue lenses
  • unknown
  • She is accident prone.
  • She is a bit forgetful.
  • She is completely colorblind without her glasses (as revealed in sbemail 224: color detectors).
  • Homesar
  • Getting new jobs
  • Messing things up
  • Everybody! Everybody!
  • none
  • "Whoops!"
  • "Oh, sure. I'm a trained professional."
  • unknown
Fun Facts
  • She thinks she's a trained professional, even when it's clear that she's not.
  • Her favorite color is orange.

Domicile: Homesar-in-the-Box

Debut: Dijjery-Dog

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