Transcript Edit

  • (Scene opens with Homestar standing in the field with Marzipan.)
  • Homestar: Who are you?
  • Marzipan: (offended) I'm Marzipan! (gleefully) Don't you remember?
  • Homestar: Um, no.
  • Marzipan: (rolls eyes)
  • (Cut to Homestar, Bubs, Marzipan, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, Strong Bad, The Poopsmith, Coach Z, The Cheat, Homsar, The King of Town and Pom Pom in the Basement of the Brothers Strong.)
  • Marzipan: I'm Marzipan! (looks at the Cheat) The Cheat, Homestar forgot who I am!
  • The Cheat: (The Cheat noises)
  • Marzipan: This is the Cheat.
  • Homestar: Who's that big guy?
  • Strong Bad: What the crap? Homestar, that's Strong Mad!
  • Homestar: Huh?
  • Everyone except Homestar: (sighs)
  • Homsar: I'm a plump strawberry!
  • (Cut to the 12 main characters with The Knight, The Blacksmith, The Hornblower and The Cleric in Strong Badia.)
  • Homestar: What's everyone doing here?
  • The Blacksmith: Homestar, we came to get your memory back!
  • Homsar: Bus through, music apple bag!



  • Homestar's "Who are you?" is taken from the puppet main page.
  • The Cheat's noises are taken from his character tape, the Strong Bad Emails he is in, and other toons he is in.
  • Everyone's names are heard in this toon.