Slipstar Runner has a wide variety of abilities. Here is a list of them.

Slipstar's AbilitiesEdit

Ability Image Explanation of the ability Toons where Slipstar uses the ability
Size changing Slipstar has the ability to change her size. She can become small or big depending on the situation. Fly on the Wall
Growth of extra hands or feet Slipstar can grow extra hands or feet whenever necessary. Slipstar says this is one of the advantages of having hands and feet that aren't attached to her body.  Email chef dealFly on the Wall
Language skills Slipstar can speak nearly any language fluently. This comes in handy when she voices her Sweet Cuppin' Cakes counterpart. unknown
Teleportation Slipstar can teleport to anywhere in Free Country USA. She can also teleport to alternate universes. Email stinko trek
Flight Slipstar can fly. Fly on the Wall

More coming soon!