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Lasol Cuter


Age: 8

Relatives: Pom Pom (father), Coach A (mother), Poma Poma (aunt), Bubs (uncle), Pum Pum (cousin).

Alias: Flower

Romantic Interests: Starolla

Gender: Male

Description: Yellowish skin, Five-fingered hands, Blue feet, Brown eyes.

Attire: blue t-shirt, red headscarf


  • His Parents
  • Poma Poma
  • Bubs
  • His cousin Pum Pum
  • Starolla
  • Friendship
  • Hapiness
  • People are becomes friends


  • Falling
  • People calling his "Pirate Kid"
  • People made Bad things
  • Sadness
  • Madness




About HimEdit

Lasol - Pom Pom's son and Bubs neplew. He loves Starolla (Laura Esten's best friend). Lasol likes Friendships. He has youger cousin - Pum Pum.

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