Annika, you can do better than this. See me after class.

Homestripe Runner Email #14

Homestripe receives a very clear and concise email from Annika, and responds in kind.


HOMESTRIPE: It's time to check an email on the Homestripe Email Show!

Dear, Homestripe!
I was just wandering:
1. Has you some time play dungeon game?
2. Why Hannah has rakelike flute?
3. Has you got the Coach Pi yet?

(Homestripe does not read the numerals in the email. He pronounces "wandering" with a short A.)

HOMESTRIPE: Oh really? (holding back laughter) I never would have guessed you weren't from around here. Let me see here, what's the best way to answer this one...

(Clears the screen and begins typing, with subtitles included. The synthesizer music from little questions starts playing.)

HOMESTRIPE: For Annika. Hi? (Sup, Annika?)

1. Prehaps! (Of course!) I'm've was to make dungeon game often times. (I've even made some dungeon games of my own!) Play? Know. Best dungeon results twice again.

2. Rakelike flute Hannah has all the time. (Hannah always seems to have her rake hornpipe with her.) She uses it during swimming pool. (She usually plays it at the pool.) It was not came's. (And also the beach.) She borrowed mine. (I learned how to play it just last week!)

3. Has I got the Coach Pi yet? (Did I catch Coach Pi yet?) Yes? No. (Unfortunately, no.) But I think I has the solution: (But I think I know what to do:) width times height. (lure her to the swimming pool.)

(music stops)

HOMESTRIPE: Okay 79. I hope that answers your questions. I think we're on the same page. Unfortunately, yours has a big F on it.

—KotiRaita Juoksija

(Homestripe types "annika_email.exe", which brings up Annika's email as an essay with red marks and a big F on it. The Paper comes down.)

Fun FactsEdit


  • "KotiRaita Juoksija" means "HomeStripe Runner" in Finnish.
  • "Rakelike flute" refers to Hannah Runner's rake hornpipe.


  • At the end of the email, Annika got five points off for every mistake on her paper, and therefore got a 55%.

​Inside ReferencesEdit

  • The entire email references little questions.
    • ​Some of Homestripe's phrases are from Strong Bad's replies to said email.

​Real-World ReferencesEdit

​Fast ForwardEdit

  • The phrase "width times height" would later be a running gag on The Homestar Runner Show.
  • Annika, the sender of the email, would eventually become a Runner Toon Adventures character.