He knows a great song from the sixties.

Homstar made his debut in the fan sbemail "homstar." In it, Strong Bad got an email that asked him, "Why do you hate Homstar so much? He seems like a nice guy to me." Presumably, the sender meant to type "Homestar." To Strong Bad's surprise, Homestar introduced Homstar to Strong Bad, the Zappy XT6 (his computer at the time), and the viewers. Homstar later became a main fan character.

Full Name Homstar Runner
Age Early twenties.
Relatives Homestar (cousin), Homesar (cousin), Homeschool (cousin), Homsar (cousin), Preshy and Rafferdy (cousins), Champeen (cousin), Homestripe (cousin)
Romantic Interests Probably Coach I, Coach Y, or Coach Pi. We know this because they are the only three Coaches with names that rhyme with "sky."
Gender Male
  • White Skin
  • Same head shape and bodyshape as Homsar.
  • He's armless.
  • Same leg shape as Homsar.
  • A big, red bowler hat with a blue stripe.
  • A yellow-orange shirt that reads "homstar".
  • Shoes like Homestar's, only orange.
  • Teleportation
  • Ability to understand Homsar.
  • He usually talks in rhymes.
  • His hat can change sizes.
  • Being with Homesar.
  • Messing up Homesar's garden
  • Homesar (his best friend)
  • Everyone else
  • None
  • The Homstar Runner (He is sometimes called this in books.)
  • Anything that rhymes!

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