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Script (Do not edit)Edit

  • (We are seeing a nighttime scene of all of the outside of Strong Bad's house, lights are flashing, there is a sign that says "Watch The Movies")
  • Announcing Guy from Cheat Commandos: Welcome to The Brother's Chaps!
  • (Close-up of Homestar)
  • Homestar: Gwab a seat!
  • (Homeschool Winner has his mouth taped shut with honey, constantly running through the theatre)
  • The Knight: This tux is ribbon!
  • Coach Z: Yorp!
  • King: Yip!
  • (The honey melts away)
  • Senor Cardgage: Ohh, I need to sit in the bedroom of sad guy!
  • Homeschool: Oh, there's a seat!
  • (He spills the popcorn bag all over Strong Bad, causing Homeschool to yelp himself)
  • Strong Bad: What the crap? I just washed up!
  • Homeschool: Looks nice!
  • Strong Mad, Marzipan, Strong Bad, Homeschool, Bubs, Coach Z, The Blacksmith, Marshie: Here's our theater, These are seats, That's a lobby.........
  • Homestar Jr: I'm the eats!
  • (The King is eating their tickets)
  • Everybody: Tickets
  • Cheerleader, So and So, Whats Her Face and The Ugly One: Whoa-whoa-whoa, use the exits when you go
  • (Cut to all the characters)
  • All except Strong Sad who can't see: And don't forget to watch the movies
  • (Zoom into Homestar)
  • All: Don't forget to watch the shows
  • Homestar: Thank you vewwy much for coming
  • All: Hello!
  • Strong Bad: Hello.
  • Marzipan: Hello!
  • The Cheat: (Excited The Cheat noises)
  • Pom Pom: Blub blub blub
  • Bubs: Howdy!
  • All: Remember
  • Marzipan: [loudly] DON'T TALK!
  • Others: (shushed) Don't talk.
  • Strong Sad: Here at a movie
  • AlI: Here at a movie
  • Boys: Don't smoke
  • Marzipan, Strong Sad, The Cheat: Don't smoke!
  • Crack Stuntman: Hey, it isn't legal!
  • Chorus: It isn't legal
  • Strong Sad: Don't litter
  • All: Throw away your trash
  • Stinkoman: Movies are a lot better fun than ever!
  • Marzipan: And also............................................................................................................
  • All: Don't surf
  • (Homestar is surfing)
  • Homestar: Don't surf
  • Strong Mad and Strong Bad: There is no water!
  • Homestar: (eyes crossed, since his surfboard went boom) THERE IS NO WATER?!?
  • All: Don't dance with a bear!
  • (Marzipan is dancing with Bear Holding a Shark.)
  • All: Don't sing death metal
  • Brainkrieg: Jugga jigga wugga!
  • All: Don't munch on a chair!
  • King of Town: (eating noises)

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