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Basic InfomationEdit

Dijjery-Doo is a mysterious creature found only within the pages of the Brothers Chaps' sketchbook. It was described as a "Cheat-like prankster" and, according to the commentary on the sketchbook page in question, was "abandoned for being too Cheat-like. And too walrus-like". The upper drawing in the middle column is generally accepted as the final look for Dijjery-Doo, but considering its early abandonment, it is highly unlikely that Dijjery-Doo will ever see the light of day again. No other information appears to exist; in fact, even Dijjery-Doo's gender remains a mystery that will probably never be solved.

Starteen* FanonEdit

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MrMenCentral FanonEdit


MrMenCentral's design for Dijjery-Doo

Dijjery-Doo is a male character that looks like the lower drawing in the middle column, except he has stripes on his back and arms like The Cheat's. He sounds like a combination of The Cheat and Sherlock and is able to change his shape, so he can look like a microphone, or a cave (which he uses to let the Unguraits loose), or even another character! He debuted in the same toon as Pandora Runner (Homesar's sister). He is Homestripe's pet (in the words of Coach I, "Dijjery-Doo is to Homestripe as The Cheat is to Strong Bad"). According to Homestripe, he and the Dijjery-Doo who appeared in the new canon toon "Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold" are not the same character.
Full Name Dijjery-Doo
Age unknown
Relatives He is Homestripe's pet.
Romantic Interests none
Gender Male
  • He is purple with fuchsia stripes on his back.
  • His eyes and arms look like those of The Cheat's.
  • He has 2 tusks that stick out of his mouth.
Attire none
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Homestripe
  • The Unguraits
  • Pranks
  • Unknown
  • Homestripe and his sisters
  • The Unguraits
  • everyone else
  • Unknown
  • none
  • Unknown
  • none
Costumes for The Cheat's parties

Domicile: CNB-SAF Headquarters

Debut: Dijjery-Dog

In The Homestar Runner Show's reboot, the canon Dijjery-Doo is used instead.