This article is about the group of characters. For the Strong Bad Email, see color detectors.

The Color Detectors are a group of characters consisting mainly of the three Runner Siblings: Homestripe, Slipstar, and Weena. They help out other characters in situations where color is involved. The group was formed when Slipstar wanted to bring color to the Old-Timey world. First, they went to Homeschool Winner's house, where he gave them three special hats for color-detection. They then borrowed Strong Bad's alternate universe portal (Homestripe had misplaced his time machine) to go to the Old-Timey world. Once they were there, they went to a circus and performed a clown act, which somehow succeeded in bringing color to the Old-Timey world. Once their mission was complete, The Cheat brought the Runner Siblings back home.

The Runner Siblings had to become Color Detectors again when Pandora Runner broke her glasses and was revealed to be completely colorblind without them. They tried to figure out what method they should use to give Pandora temporary color vision. Among the suggested methods was width times height. They eventually settled on the "parade treatment", which consisted of entering Pandora's dream that night and forming a parade. It gave Pandora temporary color vision so she could see color while Homeschool was fixing her glasses.

The biggest problem the Detectors ever faced was when Slapstar showed up in Free Country USA and tried to destroy the town. Slapstar did this because seconds after she was created in Homeschool's lab, she fell into a vat of "twotonium" and turned black and white. Homeschool said that it was possible for the Detectors to reverse the effects of the twotonium, but it would be hard to get Slapstar's attention. As it turns out, Slapstar was looking for the Detectors. This made it easier for them to find her. Homestripe stood on a ball as the other Detectors (who now include 4-Up, Skipstar, Sana, Dijjery-Doo, the Unguraits, and Homsar) stood up on top of him. This pyramid formation successfully reversed the effects of the twotonium and shrank Slapstar back to normal size. So far, the Color Detectors have not been seen since.

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