The 20X6 Coaches are the 20X6 counterparts of the Coaches. With the exception of Commander Z, they are generally known by just their letter (for example, 20X6 Coaches C and D are generally called just C and D, respectively).

Known 20X6 CoachesEdit


A used to be one of the Shadowy Figure's minions, but when Y accidentally zapped her with a gadget that shrunk her down to the size of a flea, she decided to join 1-Up and Stinkoman's side and be good. She is apparently still the size of a flea, and she is very musical. She is somewhat based on A. Flea from Looney Tunes.

C and DEdit

C and D

The stars of the crazy comic.

C and D are conjoined, just like their modern-day counterparts. C is very inventive, and is capable of building anything out of anything. D is always concerned about C's inventions not working right. C's voice is similar to that of Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures. C and D are also the main characters of Homestripe's crazy comic.


O is one of the good 20X6 Coaches. She was too odd for the Shadowy Figure to handle, so the Figure fired her. When 1-Up found her, he asked if she would like to join the good side, to which she said yes. She hopes she is not too odd for 1-Up and Stinkoman to handle.


Y is the most forgetful of the 20X6 Coaches, often misplacing things like her modern-day counterpart. She has even forgotten that she's working for the bad guy! The mentioning of her name often leads to a Who's on First-style joke.

Commander ZEdit

Commander Z is the
Commander Z

He is not the Shadowy Figure!

main henchman of the Shadowy Figure. (All the other 20X6 Coaches except A, C, D, O, and Pi are henchmen of the Figure, but Commander Z is basically the leader.) His voice is similar to that of Commander Peepers from Wander Over Yonder. His only canon appearance is in the Scrolling Shooter games menu (yet he is unnamed there).


Pi is a 20X6 Coach who is all the time being chased by 4-Up, Skipstar, and Sana, similar to how modern-day Coach Pi is all the time being chased by Homestripe, Slipstar, and Weena. It is unknown why. It is known, however, that she does not work for the Shadowy Figure. Despite this, Y, who does work for the Figure, tries to protect Pi from the 20X6 Runner Siblings.